Past Exhibitions

The Color Series: Part 2, Red

January 3 - February 16, 2019

Kolman & Pryor Gallery continues its adventurous foray into the artist’s color palette with the second exhibition in The Color Series with, The Color Series: Part 2, Red. Curated by gallery artist and co-owner Patrick K. Pryor, Red includes work by gallery artists, Betsy Ruth Byers, Kate Casanova, Jil Evans, Jodi Reeb, Cameron Zebrun, and Patrick K. Pryor. The exhibition opens January 3 and runs through February 16. The gallery will host an artist reception on Saturday, January 26 at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

“In the dead of winter, red really stands out as the color of heat and vitality, passion and energy, daring and danger,” says Anita Sue Kolman, gallery co-owner, who selected the color red for the second exhibition in The Color Series. “It’s an intense color, regardless of tone or hue, that’s packed with emotion. Red is a highly visible color, with different meanings across cultures. For all of these reasons, we’re thrilled to challenge our gallery artists with creating new work that explores the meanings that red holds for them.”

The series began in January 2018 with a focus on white. In contrast, says Pryor, “Red is the most stimulating color to the eye, especially after the purity of white.” In western culture, red often signifies objects associated with danger that need to be noticed, such as fire trucks, hydrants, and extinguishers. “Red is a fascinating color to use as an exhibition concept,” Pryor adds.

Viewers are invited to arrive at their own associations and observations about the use of red in art. “We always hope visitors and collectors enjoy what they’re seeing, even as everyone reacts in different ways,” Pryor says. As for the artists, “It’s important for us to challenge our gallery artists to work in new ways and develop new pathways with their work. We’re excited to see what they create for this exhibition.”