Past Exhibitions

The Color Series: Part 1, White

January 4 - February 17, 2018

Kolman & Pryor Gallery is pleased to announce a new series of exhibitions in 2018. The Color Series will explore the artist’s color palette. The first exhibition, The Color Series: Part 1, White, is curated by gallery artist and co-owner, Patrick K. Pryor, and includes work by gallery artists: Betsy Ruth Byers, Jil Evans, Jodi Reeb, Cameron Zebrun, and Pryor. The Color Series: Part 1, White, begins January 4. An artist reception will be held on Saturday, January 20, 7-9 p.m. The exhibition runs through February 17.

“The gallery’s artists have long been interested in exploring their relationship to color—as artists and as viewers and as collectors,” says Anita Sue Kolman, co-owner, Kolman & Pryor Gallery. “We’re excited that five of our artists have accepted the challenge to explore how white is an integral part of their color palettes. We’re anticipating new works in an exhibition that will inspire gallery visitors to rethink the power and potential of white, as well.”

Visitors will be free to make their own associations and observations about the use of white in art, whether a commentary on winter and its muted landscapes, The Beatles groundbreaking record album, conceptualism or minimalism. “It’s open to a multitude of interpretations,” Pryor says. “White is the sexiest color—of writing paper, copy paper, the blank canvas, the museum or gallery walls—so white seemed like a great place to begin this new series.”

Pryor adds that the artists were asked to explore their use of the color white, but weren’t restricted by any other parameters “Will they use white exclusively?” Pryor asks. “Will they use white along with a minimal use of other colors, which can reduce, eliminate or accentuate the importance of other tones? We’re excited to see what they create for this exhibition.”