Past Exhibitions

Light Tales: A Project Space Exhibition by Jil Evans

June 17 - August 19, 2023

June 17 – August 19, 2023

The Kolman & Reeb Gallery will take patrons on an immersive exploration of light and shadow with its next Project Space grantee exhibition, Light Tales, by internationally known Minnesota artist, Jil Evans. With her dynamic and energetic style, Evans captures the essence of Minnesota’s seasons using video, a new medium for her, through light and shadow to reflect the inner experiences of our minds. By using the gallery space in a unique and captivating way, this show is sure to impress the contemporary and abstract audience the gallery appeals to most.

For over four decades, Evans has used her visual vocabulary to explore abstraction. Through her project space grant, she examines how light dances to mesmerize; how in solid form, it can stop movement with a sudden jolt; or how it travels in gentle, rhythmic waves to narrate a foreboding story. Evans’ immersive experience displays light as it takes us to the limitless possibilities of infinity and then back to the microcosmic constraints of our imagination. From awestruck to heartbroken, light is the medium Evans uses to translate her inner realm of consciousness to the viewer.

“Like nothing we’ve exhibited before, Jil’s show will use the gallery’s space in a new and creative way,” says Anita Sue Kolman, Kolman & Reeb Gallery co-founder and co-partner. “We established our project space program so the artist has the time and resources to explore their vision and talents. This show proves Jil has taken full advantage of her grant opportunity.”

 Jodi Reeb, gallery curator and co-partner, comments on how, even as Evans uses this new medium of video to immerse the viewers, they will surely find her recognizable energy and style. “I’m excited to experience Jil’s time-based narrative video to show us her inner world as she makes visible her connection to nature.”

 Evans’ artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work is held in both private and public collections, including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Walker Art Center. Evans has also participated in residencies and was a featured painter in the documentary film, Painting the Place Between.