Past Exhibitions

Julie Snidle: Artistic Lichens: A Kolman & Reeb Gallery Project Space Exhibition

June 11 - August 6, 2022

June 11 – August 6, 2022

We are pleased to present our next Project Space grantee exhibition: Artistic Lichens, composed of new work by encaustic artist, Julie Snidle.

The motivation for the exhibition came to Julie while she was attending an encaustic conference on Cape Cod. “I’d walk out onto a nearby seawall, which was comprised of gray boulders encrusted with bright, yellow-orange lichens, Xanthoria parientina. I couldn’t stop looking at them. I knew I had to create a new body of work inspired by those beautiful lichens.”

The Kolman & Reeb Gallery Project Space Grant made it possible for Julie to paint 51 abstract encaustic artworks of different sizes: “A whole gallery of paintings that celebrates these fascinating organisms,” she says. “Even though I’ve done a lot of research on lichens the paintings are not scientifically accurate. They’re not biological studies. They’re abstracted interpretations.” Encaustic, or beeswax, she adds, “has a wonderful malleability that adds multi-dimensionality to the paintings. The series has allowed me to explore new and unusual methods to achieve the colors, textures, and shapes I’ve appreciated for so long.”

Anita Sue Kolman, gallery co-owner and partner is pleased that, “Our Project Space Grant initiative has allowed Julie to investigate a whole new array of techniques in the encaustic world that will surely engage our collectors and visitors.”

Jodi Reeb, gallery co-owner, partner, and curator of the show says, “I’m thrilled we could give Julie the time and support she desired to experiment with encaustic and generate new work through our Project Space Grant Program. As an encaustic artist and sculptor myself, I’m excited to see what she brings into the gallery for everyone to enjoy.”

Julie concludes the Project Space Grant has “opened a pathway for me to explore the idea of abstracting nature. I see something every day that catches my eye, a color combination, a play of light and shadow, an unusual plant. Through this grant, and the making of this work, I’m now comfortable with the idea of abstracting those visual surprises. I hope visitors to the gallery delight in what I’ve achieved.”