Past Exhibitions

Jodi Reeb: Emergence: A Kolman & Reeb Gallery Project Space Exhibition

August 16 - October 29, 2022

August 27 – October 29, 2022

Kolman & Reeb Gallery is pleased to present, Emergence, a Project Space grantee exhibition, by visual artist, Jodi Reeb. For the exhibition, Jodi has filled  the gallery space with a series of sculptures and site-specific installations that depict organic forms found in nature.

Jodi originally began working with the concepts she explores in Emergence during a workshop she attended four years ago, where she’d construct a temporary installation, then tear it down, every morning and afternoon. “I became intrigued with the idea of place and site-specific artworks, and ideas about economy of means as I worked through each installation using materials such as wire, tape, string, and newsprint,” she says. “I also became interested in the idea of the three-dimensional line, mark-making objects, and creating shadows on the wall. The Project Space grant has allowed me to take time out of my schedule to fully experiment with these ideas and bring them to fruition.”

For her show, Jodi has created sculptures and site-specific art installations throughout the gallery that depict organic forms found in nature. In this way she seeks to experiment with new materials that are wall pieces and artworks suspended from the ceiling and on the floor. She has used materials that have the ability to mimic nature such as tubing, tape, wax, and wire that have been transformed into works that resemble branches or seed-pods.

“We’re thrilled to support Jodi in this new artistic endeavor through a Project Space grant,” says Anita Sue Kolman, partner of Kolman & Reeb Gallery. “As an artist, (a painter, printmaker, and sculptor), Jodi has long been inspired by the forms found in nature. Now, with this exhibition, she’s exploring new materials and new spaces in which to create free-form assemblages that explore these organic shapes.”