Past Exhibitions

Chris Rackley: Life As A Mall Brat: A Project Space Exhibition

August 26 - October 21, 2023

Closing this Saturday, October 21.

Step into Chris Rackley’s art at the Kolman & Reeb Gallery during the next Project Space grant exhibition, Life As A Mall Brat.

Spending a large part of his youth at a shopping mall where his father managed a shoe store, Chris is a self-proclaimed mall “brat.” On days when not in school, Chris spent his time at the mall Visitors will have a chance to step into the art of Chris Rackley at the Kolman & Reeb Gallery during the next Project Space grant exhibition, Life As A Mall Brat.sketching, reading, and exploring; curiously comparing what we experience as shoppers with the hidden inner workings of the retail meccas. From these unique and humble beginnings, Chris examines the inaccuracy of memories with how we perceive them as truths.

Chris  uses drawings, sculptures, and an interactive video to explore his memories of a shopping mall in Duluth, Georgia. Chris recreates miniature versions of architectural elements of the mall—a place he wandered every day for ten years in the 1980s. These recognizable facades and embellishments are presented at different scales relative to one another, emulating the way memory can be fragmented and accompanied by a longing to reconstruct significant moments from the past.

From miniature replicas of lost toys and misplaced trash as bits and pieces of memory, Chris has opened his mind to expose a childhood of experiences, immortalizing a shopping mall from a young boy’s perspective as though daring us to go back into this precious place of youth in our own minds.

“People visiting the gallery will have a chance to step into Chris’ art, and that’s really what interests me most about his show,” says Anita Sue Kolman, Kolman & Reeb Gallery co-founder and co-partner. “With the resources he received from our project space grant, Chris used a variety of materials and mediums to create so many interesting pieces.”

Jodi Reeb, gallery curator, and co-partner, comments, “We are excited to bring this exhibition to the gallery, which features Chris’ memories as drawings, sculptures, and interactive video, where he explores his childhood at the mall that he wandered for ten years.”

Chris received his BA in Studio Art from Davidson College and his MFA in Painting from George Mason University. Rackley’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Rackley currently lives and works in Rochester, MN.