About the Artist

Robyne L. Robinson, well-known in the local arts and culture scene, is a former television news anchor and currently a public art consultant. She’s also the jewelry designer behind Rox Minneapolis Jewelry, creating bold looks for men and women. Robyne grew up in Chicago and it is there where her jewelry design future began.

Robyne started making jewelry because of her mother’s keen insight. A schoolteacher, her salary wasn’t enough to buy many gifts, so she encouraged Robyne to design and create. On special occasions, Robyne and her mother would drive to bead stores around Chicago and spend the day designing presents for friends and family.

Over time, Robyne’s curiosity about gemstones and their mythology, history and the Ayurvedic sciences led to the creation of her beautiful, globally influenced jewelry lines. “We have a natural attraction to the earth and its riches,” says Robyne. “Gemstones are a part of the world’s balance, a part of history, and a part of us.”