About the Artist

As a painter, Patrick works from a place of spontaneous intelligence. He generates bold statements that engage mind and heart by using color and gesture to explore abstract ideas of humor, beauty and absurdity. A former environmental engineer and science educator, he also draws from that experience by abstracting forms and patterns from the natural world. Patrick is interested in what paint can do, and in the process of discovery that painting allows. Some of the common threads throughout his work are the use of overlapping multiple layers, transparency, processes, repetition, and a deliberate balance between unplanned expressive marks and systematic patterns.

Site-specific installations of Patrick’s work have appeared in more than 140 locations in Minnesota and Canada. As an interdisciplinary collaborator he’s worked in film and video, and with dancers, other visual artists and fashion designers, including Christopher Straub from “Project Runway.” About his work Patrick says, “My artwork is full of many possible narratives, relationships and a little bit of absurdity.”