About the Artist

David Moore, Jr., a retired theater artist and philanthropist, initiated his current series of paintings in 2017 after assembling everyday objects into an evolving tableaux: old fabric, bits of lumber, plumbing, packaging and ironwork, abandoned mechanical parts, toy soldiers and plaster reproductions of iconic figures, including a large bust of Napoleon.

“Part of the exercise begins by improvising a ‘set’ from this detritus,” David explains. “Then, I transcribe what I see into paintings. In the activity of rendering, I’m always checking to see if what’s happening feels true to me. I have mishaps all the time, which are stimulating for their abstract results.” All of David’s paintings are acrylic on canvas or on paper, matted and framed.

David studied drawing and painting with Graham Nickson at the New York Studio School and with Dimitri Hadzi at Harvard College. At the University of Minnesota’s Department of Art, he has studied with Hartmut Austen, Meg Bussey, Sean Connaughty, Lynn Gray, Diane Katsiaficas, Alexis Kuhr, Joyce Lyon, Avigail Manneberg, and Clarence Morgan. Previous exhibitions include, Persistence of Vision, a two-person exhibit with the late Fred Larson, at the University of Minnesota, 2015; Armature at Traffic Zone Center for Visual Art in Minneapolis, 2017; and Searching High and Low, 2019, at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis. Among David’s current mentors is the artist, Lisa Nankivil.