About the Artist

Mackenzie Serwa’s work is strongly influenced by her interest in the physical processes of glass making and the surrounding world. Utilizing photography and glass color application techniques, she works to mimic the textures and vibrant color of landscapes she has seen and photographed.

The application of color onto molten glass is a complex and often unpredictable process. Taking this into account, Mackenzie seeks to better understand the many facets of glass. She experiments with and utilizes a multitude of application techniques such as layering opacities, creating chemical reactions on the surface of the glass, wrapping colors, and more.

Mackenzie received her BFA in Glass and Ceramics from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Fine Art from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.  Her work is included in the permanent collection of Minneapolis College, and she has exhibited in several venues including AT&T Tower Galley and Ditch Galley in Minneapolis. Mackenzie has also shown her work at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.